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What the Heck IS a Central Vacuum, Anyway???

June 24, 2010

It’s Simpler Than You Thought!

Believe it or not, this is actually often the first question I receive when I tell people that Sights and Sounds sells and installs central vacuum systems.  At first, I was confused by this question.  “How can anyone not know what a central vacuum is???” I would wonder to myself.  Then I realized most people do not have a technology-obsessed central vacuum enthusiast for a father.

My Dad

Traditional Vacs Leave Dirt Behind

So, if you are like 99.99% of people and didn’t help your dad install a central vacuum system at the age of 10, don’t despair!  The answer is really quite simple.  Imagine your current vacuum cleaner at home… it’s probably kind of heavy and difficult to push around.  Supposedly, your vacuum sucks up the dirt from your floors into either a bag or canister.  What you may not realize, however, is that your vacuum is sucking up only a percentage of the dirt it comes in contact with.  The rest of the dirt is just being circulated back into the air and dispersed on your floor! (I hope you don’t have dust allergies.) Once you’re done vacuuming, you empty your bag or canister into the trashcan.  Unfortunately, this often causes the dirt your vacuum did manage to suck up to spew all over the floors again!

You also need to regularly replace the irritating bags or filters that your vacuum uses, which can be pretty expensive for seemingly no logical reason.

Central Vacs are Lighter…

What a central vacuum does is take all the hassle out of vacuuming.  Instead of lugging around a clumsy, heavy vacuum, you push a light-weight power head.

Then, rather than the nasty dirt and debris going from the floor into a bag attached directly on your vacuum, it goes into a hose you plug into the wall.   You might have been confused by one of these vacuum plugs while in search for an electric socket for your laptop in the homes of one of your more vacuum-forward friends.

…and They Clean Better!

Thankfully, Beam central vacuums suck up 100% of the dirt they touch, leaving  the floors of your home cleaner and the air healthier than a traditional vacuum.  The dirt then goes from the hose into a series pipes throughout the walls of your home.  These pipes all eventually take the dirt into a power unit in your basement or garage, which is essentially a very large vacuum canister.  You then need to empty this power unit only about once every month or two.

Installation in Any Home

Central vacuums can be installed into any home, new or old, and installation generally only takes a few hours.  If you fancy yourself a handyman, you can purchase an installation kit from us and install the entire system yourself.  However, if relaxing by the pool sounds like a better option to you, a member of our professional installation team will happily do all the work for you.

Well, he’ll look something like that, anyway.

Cleaner, Lighter, Easier, Healthier, and More Efficient… what else would you like to know about central vacuum systems?

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