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Sights and Sounds vs Big Box

August 6, 2010

DING DING!  It’s the big fight in town… who will win, big box stores or Sights and Sounds?  Let’s compare the facts!

We Actually Know What We’re Talking About

Who would you rather have answer your electronics questions… a high school kid working part-time or a CEDIA-certified designer backed by an installation team averaging over 10 years of experience each?   If you prefer the latter choice, then Sights and Sounds is for you!  Instead of a pushy salesman most likely making it up as he goes, you’ll get a knowledgeable, honest, and reliable designer to explain all our products and ease your mind.

Reliable Service You Can Count On

Sights and Sounds Inc. guarantees quality service to all our customers, including at least one walk through your entire design so you know exactly what you’re getting.  If you call us  to install anything in your home, we work with your schedule to make appointments, and will always call if something were to happen to make us late.  To make sure we do the work right, we hold certifications from CEDIA Custom Design and Installation Association, SpeakerCraft, Denon, Control4, and Levitron.   All our installations are even backed by one year of free service calls.  You really cannot find better service anywhere else.

Price Matching

The Big Box stores will often try to convince you that they have the lowest prices available.  In actuality, Sights and Sounds will match the price of any big box store for all products we sell, so you can confidently buy from us knowing you’ll get a great deal as well as helpful, knowledgeable service.   The only prices we cannot match are products sold over the internet.  I am afraid ElectronicsJoe on Ebay who starts the bidding on his television of unknown origin for a penny has us beat.

Help the Local Economy

If you are worried about your local economy, one big way to help is to shop at local businesses like Sights and Sounds!  When you buy from a big box store, 86% of its revenue leaves the state to out-of-state supply companies and corporate headquarters.  If you shop at a local business, each dollar you spend will have three times the benefit to the local economy!  Local businesses themselves also contribute to the local economy by banking locally, hiring local accountants, attorneys, consultants, and graphic designers, and they advertise in local media.  For more information, visit


Another surprise perk of shopping at local businesses like Sights and Sounds is the chance to enter in local contests!  Right now, in order to increase shopping in downtown Granger during construction, area businesses are participating in Granger Super Heroes.  Simply fill out a card after shopping at a participating business and you’ll be entered to win weekly prizes.  The grand prize to be announced October 6th, 2010 is a 42 inch HD Plasma Television from Sights and Sounds!  Also, this November is our 10th Anniversary at Sights and Sounds.  To celebrate, we will be having a Worst Home Theater contest, and the winner will win an entire home theater make over!  Stay tuned for more information.

And the Winner Is…

I think the winner here is unquestionably Sights and Sounds!  Now the question simply is… do you want to buy from a winner or a loser?

Visit our website!


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